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Reedy Creek Kennels & Cat Motel


We are open daily between 8 & 10 am and 4 & 6 pm and welcome inspections during these times. (Please bring your dog with you, she has the final say!)

We are able to arrange appointments outside these hours if that is more convenient.

The Kennel - The Cat Motel

The Kennel

We are a small kennel with 20 runs for small or old dogs and a separate compound with 20 runs for larger dogs. The runs are 2 m by 6 m, with 2 m chain link fences. The kennel is built on a cement slab with inbuilt heating and verandas. The rest of the run is sand, to allow the dogs to dig and run up and down without stressing their joints, not to mention the improved sanitation properties.

Excercise & feeding

Each dog receives two exercise periods, preferably with other like minded dogs, for at least 1 hour morning and afternoon. We feed twice a day, dry biscuits for breakfast and fresh meat, usually chicken at night. We also carry a range of canned foods for those dogs who are not used to raw meat as well as a rice and roo mince combo for those with pancreatitis or other digestion issues.


The cost depends on the size of the dog

  • Small dogs $29
  • Medium/Large dogs $32
  • Very large dogs $36

Medication and exercise is covered by this price. Long stays of more than 28 nights attract a 10% discount. Cats are all $26 a night.

The Cat Motel

The 'Cat House', is very different from conventional catteries: each cat has his own run with food, water and litter tray and free access to a lounge room. This communal space has chairs, sofas, scratching posts, cushions and toys. Most people think their cats won't adjust to the other cats around, but because this is no one's territory they all settle in and make the most of the comfortable surrounds. Very soon the cats will also have access to a secure outdoor play area. 

Reedy Creek Kennels & Cat Motel

Joanne & Owen Jordan

8324 Kings Highway Braidwood NSW 2622

p/f: 02 4842 7107

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