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Braidwood's Honey and Beekeeping Supplies

The best Honey one can buy. 

The bees live a happy life foraging and collecting nectar from the flowers of the season around the forests and farm lands of Braidwood, NSW. The area, well known for its environmentally friendly and conscious farming practices, welcomes the bees in their pursuit of following the the flowering events and the honey flow and in the same time, helping them to bear fruit. 

We can thank the bees for sharing their honey, produced as their food source. Honey has provided us humans with a substance with nutritional and medicinal qualities as well as great flavors and culinary enjoyment. 

If you are after honey or products, you can pick up a jar or two or a product on your way, or pick up the phone or place your order and collect at your convenience. If you are after beekeeping supplies, phone or email your order and pick up at your convenience, or pop in and pick up your beekeeping supplies.  

Bees R Us & Washing Mill Laundrette

69 Duncan St, Braidwood NSW 2622

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