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Other Services

Other services are available at the Surgery by referral and/or appointment:


Current Services at the Wallace Street Surgery

The Surgery provides a range of health care for men, women and children of all ages, including nursing home, palliative care and home visits when appropriate.

General medical consultations

The process

Consultation with your GP, where a nurse may assist with some of these, involves


         of the present problem and background health issues.


covers the affected areas as well as other aspects which may be significant. You can have our nurse present if you would like or a trusted friend or family member.


During the history and examination, the doctor is forming possible diagnoses which then may point towards requiring certain specific and specialist investigations and tests, that may require referral.


may be made during the above stages or may require evaluation over time or referral to a soecialist.

Management plan

We may recommend a course of management which will be discussed with you including any possibility of adverse effects and the risks of not having treatment and referral to a medical specialist for an opinion or treatment.


Many medical problems require review and monitoring of the results of investigation or response to treatment.

Record keeping

We use a computer program called Medical Director to record your health information. Your medical record is important and we will spend time making sure essential information is updated. Your privacy is protected using high levels of security. All staff are trained in the management of health information and confidentiality.

Preventive health and lifestyle advice

In addition to managing your presenting problem we may recommend certain actions to help improve or protect your heath. This may require a return visit to address these issues.

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