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How long do you need?

Appointment types

When you ring up to make an appointment, the receptionist will ask you what you think how much time you will need and schedule your appointment accordingly.


These are the appointment types

Quick appointments

A quick appointment is for a period of 10 minutes. This appointment might be suitable if what you are seeing the doctor about is not new or if you know why you need to see the doctor for example a repeat prescription.

Standard appointments

Standard appointments are scheduled for 15 minutes. If you have several issues or a complex problem, we encourage you to book an extended appointment.

While longer appointments are billed at a higher rate, the Gap remains about the same (see Practice Fees and Costs).

Extended Appointments and Medical Examinations.

Complex or multiple medical problems will require a longer appointment to allow adequate time for proper assessment and treatment. Please feel comfortable to ask for an extended appointment if you feel it is required.

Special Examinations such as driver licences or other requirements

Medical examinations for drivers licenses and other purposes require special bookings with the doctor and nurse. Please explain the type of medical exam to our receptionist who will be happy to make the required scheduling. Bring any forms required all relevant sections completed beforehand. You will also need to bring a form of identification such as your driver’s license and your glasses if you have them.


Wilson Street Surgery performs minor surgery such as biopsy or removal of skin lesions, treatment of skin conditions requiring freezing with liquid nitrogen and insertion of the Implanon contraceptive device, treating minor fractures and wounds that require suturing.


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